Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gotta Wonder What The Drivers Were That Have Destroyed What Was Once America?

When I was a kid the world was not so paranoid and I think I have the liberals to thank for this victim filled world they have produced by blaming everyone but themselves for anything that goes wrong.  I think they are to blame for making everything that could go wrong illegal and demonizing it to the point of things like "zero tolerance" that makes a plastic keychain gun or a pop tart eaten out to look like a gun or a cap pistol or a water gun such scary things that they suspend kids for having them in school.  You guys are nuts and you're trying to make everyone else nuts too and that's just ... well NUTS!  I can't make you stop by myself, but I don't want anyone influenced by you folks.  You're entirely too crazy!

SEE HERE for a crazy example of something that wasn't an issue at all when I was a kid.  Every kid I knew from about second grade on had a scout knife in his pocket almost all the time.  What the hell is wrong with the world?  The schools have gone crazy.

SEE HERE to see how you get punished for wearing a tee-shirt proclaiming one of the bill of rights that the school-Nazis don't like.  Then of course there was the American flag tee-shirts a few days ago that were offensive.  Where can I go to get my country back?

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