Friday, December 12, 2014

Feinstein And Frank Church And All Their Ilk Are Nothing More Than Evil Little Astringent Souls

SEE HERE ... They are self-important leftist collectivists who seek the ruin of the United States.  Frank Church, may he rot in hell, I remember well and he will no doubt make my stay in purgatory long and painful for I will not easily give up my animus against him and his cronies who caused the United State to abandon a friend in harms way as they watched the North Vietnamese break the treaty they had just negotiated and refused the most basic kind of help to the South.  Hundreds of thousands paid for that with their lives.  Communism is evil and those who are fellow travelers share the evil.  I have a long list of particularly evil men and women and they are nearly all Democrats.  They express always the very best intentions.  But somehow things always seem to go wrong.  As my father used to say, "It's just as hard to be wrong all the time as to be right all the time."  That single principle strongly suggests that we are being lied to about their intentions.  They want to "fundamentally transform America" but not to anything you're going to end up liking.

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