Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Land Of The Deluded Living On Dreams And Lies

SEE HERE  I guess it is hard to have any more idiots than we already have.  Soothing words wrapped in lies have kept people from seeing what is happening right before their eyes.  How long the Ponzi scheme of "hope and change" and go as its agenda of "fundamentally transforming America" from a free country to a collectivist slave state continues.  The wake up call is coming and part of it is already here.  The economic flim-flam game is probably going to have a few wheels come off in the not too distant future.  Of course that will launch a range of finger-pointing although Bush is getting pretty distantly in the past to take the blame for all the hidden communists have wrought.  Whatever their cover they are in fact communists.  Liberal, progressive, socialist are all simply cover words for the program of the revolution.  David Horowitz made that clear enough in his video about Discover the Networks.

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