Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Death of America

SEE HERE More and more of the wagon pullers are climbing into the wagon in Dinesh D'Souza's analogy of the influence of the left on the economy.  Why bother to look for a job if they don't pay well and welfare pays well enough and a little extra work on the side for cash can push you up to affluence?  What me work?  That's a little reworking of Mad Magazine's "What me worry?" slogan.  Well when everyone is in the wagon the wagon stops.  The wagon has been going slower and slower and more and more people are piling in.  Meanwhile the administration is inviting illegal aliens into the wagon.  What could possibly go wrong?  According to liberals, if you need more money just go out and print it.  That didn't work out so well in Germany in the 1920's but "Oh well, that was almost a hundred years ago."  Old fashioned you know.  We're so much smarter now.  Typical liberal delusions.

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