Friday, December 26, 2014

Those Who See Racism Everywhere Are Racists

SEE HERE There is something pernicious and evil about this "racist" meme that the left keeps spinning up.  Now we have people saying that the song "White Christmas" is racist.  That's like the long since demonized "Little Black Sambo"  being condemned as racist which it is really a charming story about the cleverness of a little Indian boy.  Googling around I got various takes on the history of the story which goes back to 1899.  There is nothing racist about it but the usual gurus of racism have pretty much demonized the book for no very obvious reason.  I remember it from my youth and it never occurred to me then or since to see racism as having played any part in it.  In fact I think quite the contrary.  Oddly enough Huckleberry Finn, an anti-slavery book, has also been condemned by these loose cannons that pretend to be so racially sensitive.  Mark Twain's book was a send up of racism, but you'd never think that from the condemnation it has received.  I've always liked the bit from Huckleberry Finn which Hal Holbrook uses in his recording of Mark Twain Tonight where Huck saves Jim who is escaping to the north by lying to the pursuers.

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