Tuesday, December 23, 2014

An Attack On Civilization Itself Coming From The Highest Levels

SEE HERE I'm beyond fed up. I am totally outraged by the lying, deceiving, unscrupulous rabble rousing of this despicable administration that want to spin up violence against the police who support law and order in our society. We have to face the fact that the leaders that we've elected from the extreme left wing of the political spectrum are in fact trying to destroy the system. It's virtually the only explanation for their otherwise inexplicable actions. "Fundamental transformation" is code for destruction. The president and his many minions or on another view the empty suit in the White House and his many handlers are actively trying to destroy the nation. They are not the first, but those that went before have pushed things to the point where these sociopaths think that just a little more pushing will take us over the edge, enable the collapse, reach the tipping point. We need to wake people up and get them on-board for an serious effort to recover the nation that was envisioned by the Founders of free enterprise and free people as unhampered by government as possible. Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

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