Friday, December 12, 2014

Poised For Collapse After A Long Long Preparation

SEE HERE We live in a country that was once the hope of the world, but has been gamed into a long slide towards the precipice.  It is unclear if the conclusion is not already unavoidable.  The result has been long in preparation beginning with the undermining of the moral character of the nation, followed by a distortion and degradation of the nation's founding, and finally the failure to raise up virtuous citizens, instead teaching them that they are victims of vague successful people who don't deserve their success because it was stolen from them.  This is an incoherent narrative but the young are so steeped in the lies that they don't question them and so are prepared to demonize anyone that has more ability, more money, more talent than they have.  The world is unfair but the government will save them and make everyone a victim and destroy what freedom has built.

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