Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unraveling Web of Deception

SEE HERE Science is not agenda driven. Science is data driven. The whole global warming fiasco is coming apart at the seams and hopefully people will learn something from this. Governments are just as likely to spin data as big oil corporations or whoever you're accusing of spin. Science isn't about spin, it's about data and validation of theories based on their confirmation by relevant data. If you fudge the data you can get whatever you want. Any data fudging done by scientists has to be 1) public (I rejected these outliers because ...) and the outliers need to be presented with the rest of the data, and 2) not related to what is trying to be proved. (That's called cherry picking your data and is a really really big no-no, essentially fraud.)

We have both of these thing going on in the AGW debate as well as some other nonsense.

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