Saturday, December 17, 2011

We are the Fools! — So Send In the Clowns!

SEE HERE A friend of mine put up this video on his FB wall and I thought about how much I liked the song "Send In the Clowns" so I clicked on the video and was treated to a very interesting discussion of how the song came to be and what it meant in its context of musical theater.

These days we are surrounded by so many clowns that we ought to realize that we can only salvage the situation sometimes with a little humor.  SEND IN THE CLOWNS Here's a VERSION MARY MY SISTER LIKES
Here Glynis Johns recreating her Broadway role.  SEE HERE  And here's Liz Taylor doing it rather well ELIZABETH TAYLOR Now here's STREISAND & ANGELA LANSBURY & BERNADETTE PETERS & DAME JUDI DENCH & ANOTHER BY DENCH & TOM JONES & FRANK SINATRA & SARAH VAUGHAN & EYDIE GORME & CHET BAKER & JUDY COLLINS & RUTHIE HENSHALL & BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCE & MANY CLOWNS & CARMEN MONARCHA. I had a lot of fun listening to so many different artists rendering "Send In The Clowns."


  1. I love Send in the Clowns too. What a great song!

  2. You got me going back and listening to a lot of other artists performing it Mary. There are some really awesome performances in the mix. I especially liked Dame Judi Dench and listen to Eydie Gorme too. Terrific song! There are also a lot of instrumentals out there.