Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Totalitarian Spirit of Our Current Chief Executive

SEE HERE I got called on the claim that there have been over 900 Executive Orders signed by the president so I went to the source of the article I originally cited, Warren Beatty.  HERE  The number you get by subtracting Obama's first executive order from the latest is only about 129 so what gives.  Well what gives is all the Executive Orders have not been numbered, all have not been original, many have merely been modified.  The overall pattern however is a bit chilling.  It reveals a Chief Executive that is acting more like a dictator than an American president.

To quote Warren Beatty:
"EOs Obama signed start with number 13489, but my research shows that there are many more unnumbered EOs, such as: 

See this link:    for a complete list of his offerings and damage.

And Obama has amended and/or updated EOs signed by other presidents, such as number 12859:  and number 12919:

So the number of numbered EOs Obama has signed, number of unnumbered EOs he has signed, plus the number he has updated and/or amended totals over 900.

And let's be realistic: Obama himself did NONE of this."

Notice that last sentence.  Obama isn't doing this.  He's too busy on the golf course and running for reelection.  This is being done by the hive of leftist drones that are working against time to suborn the Constitution and "fundamentally transform America."  Is this really the HOPE and CHANGE you voted for?

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