Saturday, July 21, 2012

Design and Evolution: A Discussion with Dawkins

SEE HERE It is hard to avoid the use of the word "design" as we look at the marvelous creations of nature. Whether Darwinian processes can actually explain the variety and complexity of the natural world around us is still problematical. I think that the more we learn the less likely Darwinian natural selection looks like a plausible process. This is not to suggest that natural selection does not occur, but even the millions of years available do not seem sufficient to explain the complexity of "design" apparent in the natural world, especially I think some of the cross species specialization. The discovery of DNA, if anything, makes the whole process even less probable since it highlights just how complex the code is that describes us. The video is interesting just because it finds it a struggle to escape from design language even though both are committed Darwinians.

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