Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is This What Is Coming? — If So We Need A Plan

SEE HERE I'm never quite sure what to make of these kinds of things. Canada Free Press has been spinning this for a while and it's either true or its not. If it's not than who cares? If it is true then a second question comes into play. Does the leaker know what he's talking about? Independently I'm inclined to believe the collapse of the American currency may be imminent, although I'd have put it out a few years. I'm also not inclined to think that the administration can have as much cooperation from law enforcement and others to make some of this work. But whenever you're faced with uncertainty it is a good idea to get all the input possible and then sift it against principles and contrary evidence to try to achieve a balance. The whole country is looking a little imbalanced these days which is part of why this all has any plausibility at all.

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