Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Narcissism of It's All About Me

SEE HERE It's all about him ... All events on earth and in the sky revolve about him. His empathy is greater than all others. It's not optimal or it's a 'bump in the road' when he's directly involved, but it's a tragedy that only he fully understands when it's someone else. It's all about him, or so he imagines in his deluded mind.

The Alinsky script:
  • Step one is to appear all sympathetic and emotionally challenged. Tears are needed. “oh look how much he cares”…
  • Step two is to get reflective and appear deep, solemn and thoughtful….
  • Step three is to propose your ends…
  • Step four is to get angry using the emotional bank account to leverage guilt and opinion….
  • Step five is to label the opposition as uncaring….

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