Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Liars Caught Lying Again ...

SEE HERE Benghazi sacrificial lambs on whom the administration has chosen to lay the blame have not actually been fired. And by the way, just which blame are we talking about? There are a number of things that are blame worthy: 1) the denial of additional security when it was requested, 2) the removal of the security that was actually on site, 3) the failure to deploy assets to defend the "consulate" (it really wasn't a consulate) when they were requested despite assets being ready to go, and 4) the order for assets on site to "stand down" and ... and ... and ... it goes on. This was a chain of either tremendous incompetence or malicious malfeasance.

We are surrounded by either numbskulls or traitors and I'm getting more and more convinced that it is traitors every day. May dad used to say that it is hard to be perfect. You can't be right all the time so you'll always make some mistakes. He pointed out that it is just as hard to be wrong all the time so that even someone dedicated to being wrong will sometimes, inadvertently perhaps, do something that makes sense. You can assess the individuals by the general trend. On this scale the Obama team is either incredibly stupid or in fact set upon doing exactly the things that are happening.

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