Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sarah Palin, Right Again!

SEE HERE Barack Obama hasn't done anything positive for the country as far as I can see.  I've watched this presidency for four years and it's been a tissue of lies and prevarications and efforts which cumulatively are bringing on financial collapse and huge division in the country.  I suppose you could argue that such monumental fraud is a kind of achievement in itself.  Of course I don't take my hero list from Time magazine's editors.  On the whole I rarely read the productions of the liberal intelligentsia, mostly because I find so little intelligence there.  The supreme achievements of Barack Obama have been to bloat government, make it less responsive, explode entitlements and expenditures bringing on a fiscal cliff which he has no intention of relieving only deepening.  Long term growth in the federal debt goes totally unsustainable especially when the artificial support of the Fed finally collapses.  Then what will we do?  I'm inclined to believe that it is intentional, that it is geared to creating the super crisis that it so obviously will create, and that the goal is to seize dictatorial control of the country in the name of quelling unrest.  Of course it is possible that it is just the total incompetence of his administration of Marxist communists and fellow travelers.  But given the composition and the history of all these people I'm going with it being intentional.

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