Friday, December 21, 2012

Who Destroyed the Economy? — Really! You Don't Know?

SEE HERE It's nice to have the definitive answer. It was the Democrats not George Bush. Why is this not a surprise? Well because the Democrats have always, always, always been the fiscally irresponsible party. The Republicans certainly are not perfect but it takes Democrats to screw things up royally. All the "Bush did it" rhetoric was just blame shifting which is also something the Democrats are marvelous at. They started the Vietnam war and then shifted the blame to Nixon who actually ended it but then they betrayed the South Vietnamese with the Church amendment which in effect abandoned an ally in the field. Democrats have been and are now despicable. Individual Democrats may be all right but then they are incredibly stupid because they don't see that you can't really be moral and a Democrat. Sorry, but it's just true.

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