Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The One Thing That Works Is What The Liberals Don't Want

SEE HERE  It is quite beyond understanding why when the research is so evident and the evidence so strong that the liberals ignore it, cherry pick around it, claim it is faked or irrelevant, go to evidence outside the country which isn't really comparable and find reason after reason to deny reality.  They live in their own little bubble of delusion.  A man with a gun among the unarmed is supreme.  A mad man with a gun among the unarmed will do immense violence.  It is clear that the only real deterrent is a responsible armed man on the scene at the time.  If we disarm all the good men then we will clearly be at the mercy of the bad men.  How plain and evident and obvious is that?  But liberals can't seem to get it.  Why is that?

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