Thursday, December 13, 2012

Politicians: EPIC FAIL!

SEE HERE The reality is that the political system has failed the nation by concentrating on power for politicians and too bad for the rest of us. Freedom is the first thing on the chopping block. Freedom is measured reasonably in the right to use the fruits of your own labor any way you want within reason. The government increasingly thinks that is very selfish of you because they want to use your resources any way they want. But they are an incredibly wasteful lot, seemingly unable to do anything very well and blaming others at the first opportunity. We've been failed miserably in the last fifty or sixty years and we're on track for the train wreck of the millennium. I'd like to say we can stop this trainwreck but Bill Whittle the other day seems to have said nearly the last word on the subject. We're going to have a train wreck regardless and the only variable will be the speed of the train going into the wreck. On the other hand the speed control seems lock at 85% or 90% of full speed. So stand by ... you're going to have a train wreck.

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