Friday, January 11, 2013

Facts and Perspective? Really?

The emotional run up to the imposition of tyranny seems to be the common spin applied to every tragedy that involves guns. The problem I have with this is that the common thread in these matters should not be the inanimate object, the instrument used in the violence, which is itself innocent, but rather the perpetrator. Those who seek to create mayhem will find a way. These kinds of crimes suggest significant preparation. When a criminal comes decked out in body armor with multiple magazines and multiple firearms there has been a significant amount of planning and forethought.

It seems noteworthy to me that these criminals have all had records of mental instability and in most cases there were signals of violent intent running up to the event. So who's really to blame here? Is it the inanimate firearm or the violence saturated society that ignores mentally unstable people, warehousing them with passivating drugs while they fester? Pretending that passing yet another law will do anything is simply to multiply disrespect for the law and the lawmakers. The problem is a wont of virtue and a society that is sliding down a long slimy sluice way to the sludge pot of failed experiments in freedom.

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