Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Science By Intimidation ... Gee, I Wonder Where That's Been Done Before?

SEE HERE  Shades of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany ... The reality is that science is institutionalized skepticism.  Nothing in science is ultimately "settled" because there is always the possibility of new facts overthrowing the "settled science" of the moment.  Indeed the history of science is the history of paradigm shifts and the collapse of old failed theories in the light of new and better ones.  So this kind of thuggery by the head of a government agency just reveals the true despotic nature of the agenda.  It isn't about science at all.  It's about power and control and dominance.  This is tyranny writ large on the administration and you better recognize it before it comes for you.

The reality is that now that it has been weaponized the EPA should be shut down along with all the other agencies that are now being used to exploit power and not for their original purposes.

Meanwhile SEE HERE for the continued weaponization of the EPA>

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