Thursday, January 3, 2013

Going For Broke — The Political Thugs Are At It Again

Only the beginning of the end of American freedom. This coverage points out at least the wild variations in the stories and the lack of follow up and corroboration.  So what do we really know?  That's the question.  We're supposed to believe that all this was done by one mentally disturbed kid who is supposed to have started by murdering his mother.

A big problem with this coverage is that the thing seems to be put together by folks that love conspiracy theories.  So you have to treat it with a grain of salt.  But the points about contradictions and bizarre details is certainly legitimate.  A lot of good points are made that need to be considered.  What about the pistol and or rifle brass that should be at the scene.  You could count the rounds fired by the brass picked up at the scene.  No sign of a clear motive especially considering the alleged preparations of the shooter, body armor, destroying his personal computer, and total media incompetence.

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