Friday, January 4, 2013

I Find This Very Disturbing

SEE HERE Just how many rounds of ammunition does a internal security agency of the United States require? This is simply beyond understanding. They are not the military, yet they are buying enough rounds of ammunition to fight a war, maybe several wars. Who is the enemy they are preparing for? The military is supposed to be the organization that defends us against hostile enemies not some johnny-come-lately homeland security bunch. 1.6 billion rounds seems kind of over the top to me. The scenario is also troubling although conjectural and definitely over the top under normal situations. However it has a certain plausibility if only because it fits a lot of the facts we know together. So what is the truth? I don't want to find out by actually having to take arms. I'm too old for that. Let's get rid of these rascals and elect some patriots.

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