Thursday, January 3, 2013

Virtue Is The One Essential That Must Be Taught

SEE HERE We live in a society that has largely forgotten the meaning of virtue.  Aristotle teaches that virtue is a good habit but must be cultivated.  If we continue to ignore this mandate we will reap what we have sown, a society without virtue and without liberty, a society of degenerates slavishly following their appetite unto perdition.

"The experience of the Romans during their republican centuries may serve to delineate the two different kinds of virtue. So late as the period of Polybius, the Roman citizens retained their “high old Roman virtue,” the product of tradition and deference to example, of habits acquired within the family. They maintained the virtues of reverence, seriousness, equitableness, firmness of purpose, tenacity, hard work, steadiness, frugality, unselfishness, self-restraint - and other virtues besides. All these were habits that grew into virtues."

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