Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why Don't We All Just Roll Over And Play Dead? — Would That Make The Chains More Comfortable?

SEE HERE I've been sitting around reading old Mack Reynolds stories. Reynolds was a science fiction writer, relatively minor, but I always enjoyed his science fiction a lot. It always seemed to me that he had a significant insight into the Cold War and the premises on which modern societies are erected. I didn't always agree with him but I was always informed by him.

He was on my mind when I read this piece about a sheriff who responded to Dana Safety Supply's decision not to sell semi-automatic rifles to anyone but law enforcement. I'm not sure if that violates any laws, but it certainly violates the spirit of the 2nd amendment and suggests that Dana Safety Supply is run by people all to eager to scuttle before the liberal mantra of the evil of semi-automatic guns. One would hope that others will follow this courageous sheriff's policy. People that don't respect the second amendment should not get any gun business. They have already shown that they don't hold the people's rights to have any value.

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