Monday, April 15, 2013

Bombings Are Just A Gift From Your Friends In The Religion Of Peace

While the original Saudi Arabian who was collered at the marathon and held in protective custody in the hospital is apparently getting a pass to go home, the authorities are looking for people that are "persons of interest" associated with the bombing apparently based on surveillance videos and what they appeared to be carrying or not carrying in various images.
VIDEO OF SUSPECT Authorities have discovered surveillance camera footage of possible suspects in Boston Marathon bombing.

SPECULATION   This could be the opening shot in a new phase of the terrorist war with the Muslim jihadists.  Time will tell.

 SEE HERE  Muslims celebrate Boston Marathon terrorism.  Why do we keep playing pattiecake with these savages?

SEE HERE According to Ted Poe (R- Texas), the explosives used were “similar” to IEDs used in Afghanistan. He even said that early reports he had heard said there may have been “ball bearings” inside.

SEE HERE  Not much progress ... doubt cast on whether Saudi Arabian was involved.  Story in Boston Globe says "... he was simply a frightened spectator who had tried to flee but was tackled and restrained by bystanders."  We'll see as the story develops.

JIHADIST REACTIONS  Yup ... they think it's great.  There are actually people who think Islam is a religion and not a mental disease.  I think that people who tie bombs on their own children or who think it is great to kill innocent people to make a statement about their religious views are not only sick but totally evil savages.

SEE HERE So far on the Boston Marathon bombing I've seen reports of twelve dead and 50 or so wounded and the claim that a Saudi Arabian national is in police custody in the hospital suspected of being involved.  A third bomb has been detonated at the JFK library and the situation is now seen as possibly more extended and continuing.  Odds are good that this is another gift from our Muslim friends who only want to show how peaceful they are ...  Rest In Peace that is.  LIBRARY Meanwhile the usual suspects speculate without any evidence that conservative groups set the bombs. HERE Is there any integrity at all among the left wing media slime? How do you get to that position without just being insane?  Claiming now that the library bombing is unrelated ... how would they know?  HERE

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