Friday, April 26, 2013

Liberal Hatred For America Knows No Bounds

SEE HERE There is something deeply pathological about the biases of the mainstream media. They never fail to seek a way to blame America for the attacks of jihadists when they are not looking to blame patriots. One has to wonder how they got that way? What is it in the formation of journalists that make them so unrelievedly leftists? It is a mystery. You would think that you'd find journalists occupying the entire spectrum, but you'd be wrong. They are predominantly leftists. This might make sense if leftists were intellectually superior, but in fact they tend to be a sorry lot, given to repeating assertions that they can't defend adequately against intellectual attack. One would think that an ideology that so consistently makes fun of America's founders would not be so uniformly supported. But it is and that shows the mindset of the media. They are anti-American and seek to recast America in their own depraved image. It is appropriate that they be exposed and seen for the vapid propagandists that they are. We need a broader range of opinion, one based on principles and the concept of a virtuous nation so that our children will inherit what the Founders intended, liberty for all.

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