Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Look First To Your Own House

SEE HERE Somehow the ever echoed charge of racism begins to sound shallow and hollow in the face of the real data which shows that the black community has a serious problem with racism. Not white on black racism but quite the opposite. The white community is commonly terrorized almost without fail when young blacks get together in flash mobs. The reasons are fairly clear. Many, perhaps the majority, of young black men grow up without fathers. They are raised in an atmosphere of racist propaganda that blames all the failures on White people holding them down although there are plenty of successful black people to point to, these people seem to be marginalized as Uncle Toms so that only failure is seen as legitimate. This is pathological and it is encouraged by the left liberal agenda that needs the 90 something percent vote that the black population continues to give their keepers. Dependence hasn't ended. It's been promoted by cynical left politicians. We need to see black leaders that promote achievement and stop pretending that all their problems are caused by that evil and increasingly mythological white man.

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