Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stupidity Is Alive And Well And Living At The New York Times

SEE HERE  Where else would you expect to find so much stupidity if not in New York which election fools like Bloomberg to regulate how big their soda container can be and what oil their french fries are cooked in for no really very good reason except that they are stupid and think that other people will take care of them.  Why?  Why would anyone believe that others have the motivation to take care of you.  "Am I my brother's keeper?" asked the first murderer of God.  Most of these people are Godless and like Cain would answer the question "No" if directed at them, but somehow there are others that would wisely care for them.  So we're either dealing with total hypocrisy, or total stupidity, can't rule out mixtures of both, and the only people answering that they have a responsibility towards others are those that they are trying to suppress.  Really folks!  Liberal suffer from advanced dementia brought on by listening to lies for so long that they believe them.

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