Thursday, April 11, 2013

Denial Of Due Process! Tyranny Rising

SEE HERE  I guess I wasn't around when doctors were elevated to the realm of unquestioned authority and hidden judge and jury.  Do our elected representatives have any idea about human rights and due process?  Apparently not!

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  1. Easily the most objectionable part of what's been reported on the substance of the 'compromise.' This needs to come out. The prohibition against compiling federal databases, and the expansion of background checks no further than the (strictly defined)'gun show loophole', can stay in. Redundancies like background checks for Internet sales (which already exist)matter not. Assuming any of it has actually been written down into a bill anyone has read, that is.

    And, of course, it needs to be noted none of this would have prevented a single death in Newtown. A single armed good guy assigned to defending the school would have been a much better chance to save lives.