Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The New Paradigm For Sick Souls

SEE HERE  The notion that the terrorist bombers of the Boston Marathon somehow failed is about as stupid an idea as I've ever heard.  As Pat Buchanan points out:

On April 15, the day the Tsarnaevs set off the pressure-cooker bombs on Boylston Street, there were 40 bombings and shootings across Iraq that took the lives of 75 and wounded 350. No one in the outside world knows the names of those who set off these bombs, and no one cares. And Baghdad was not locked down.

What we managed to do was reward the terrorists with a rich propaganda extravaganza.  Perhaps it is time to get more serious about terrorism and stop the politically correct harassment of old ladies and children at airports and go after the real problem which is jihadist Muslim extremists.

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