Monday, August 25, 2014

All Too Often The Black Community Is Composed Of Thugs And They Are The Racists

SEE HERE I guess the black community has little comprehension of good behavior. Michael Brown would be alive today if 1) he had not been strong arm robbing a vendor of his cigars, 2) had he not attacked the policeman who stopped him to ask if he'd been involved, 3) if he had not punched out the cop and tried to take his gun, and 4) if he'd not charged him and instead obeyed his order to freeze.

The community would have had legitimate questions that needed to be answered but instead they vandalized and looted innocent businesses in their own community. If I were them I'd rebuild elsewhere, so the result will be a lose of business for the community. It's even worse when gangs of black thugs who weren't involved decide to take revenge on randomly selected innocent people. If you want to look for the face of racism, you need look no further than the black community. They are the racists and they prove it by their own behavior.

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