Thursday, August 21, 2014

Racism? What Holds The Progressive Black Coelition Together ... Black On White Violence Is The Real Scandal

Get the facts and you see who the racists are and why.  Bill Whittle exposes what is a nightmare facilitated and promoted by the left.
CASE IN POINT this event happened into my mailbox shortly after I posted this Bill Whittle Firewall.  Two white kids dead because they actually were stupid enough to believe that black kids are not thugs.  Then the media scrubbed the race of the assailants from their coverage.  Now that's racist.  We have to be protected from knowing that the black community is full of thugs and murderers and commit violence on whites with 200 times the probability that whites commit violence on blacks.  We have a problem with racism in America all right and the blacks are the racists, riled up by generations of hatred fomented by the worst racists in American history, the Democrats.

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