Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Schools Have Become Little Atheist Zones

SEE HERE Suspended for saying "Bless you" after another student sneezes? Since when is "Bless you" a religious remark. "God bless you" might be, although not specifying what God would seem to leave it open for interpretation. But I can bless someone myself. In any case religious or not this kind of speech control is totally inappropriate. It's time to stop pretending that religious speech is legitimately censured in a school environment. The free practice of religion includes talking about, practicing in public as well as in private. If you have children in public schools then maybe you should consider either taking them out and home schooling, sending them to a freer school environment, working for school choice or some other way of getting out from under the state indoctrination centers. Freedom includes freedom to practice your religion without coercion.

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