Thursday, August 21, 2014

As The Smoke Clears The Media Looks Increasingly Biased

SEE HERE  The speed with which the media joined the narrative that Michael Brown was trying to surrender and was shot in cold blood by the officer speaks to the rash way they handle explosive news and the fixation of bias that ramps up intensity in racial charged situations.  Now that more and more information is coming out that corroborates the officer's story it just makes the media look bad, almost fomentors of the looting and pillaging that the death triggered.  It appears that the black community is only marginally civilized quickly descending into a monstrous self-destructive rioting that only leaves their neighborhoods, already poor, in a shambles.  What proprietor wants to reopen a store that has been destroyed by his customers, his inventory pillaged and the facility ravaged.  I would not reopen myself.  I'd take the insurance money, if there is any, and I'd head for more civilized neighborhoods.  The black community needs to take control of itself and recognize that they get what they breed into one another.  It wasn't white folks that trashed the neighborhood.

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