Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Values Of The Entitlement Community On Display

SEE HERE Ouch! Now looting is a prideful practice of the black community. Well I trust most of the black community doesn't think so, or we are really in more trouble than I thought. We live in a society which has degraded values to the point were some people are taking pride in their lawlessness and thievery. Isn't that just so special! As a barometer of the trouble we're in it should be taken note of. If we don't get our act together and start once more teaching virtue and values this is the kind of barbarism that awaits us. I wonder where these folks think this stuff they are stealing comes from? Do they think it grows on trees? They are entitled to it why? Oh yeah! I forget ... everyone gets a trophy. We're all special! This is where the self-esteem movement goes. Maybe we should be proud of something worth being proud of.

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