Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Race Problem In America Resides Primarily In The Black Community

SEE HERE I guess if you tell people long enough that all their problems are caused by the hard working people around you but not to worry you can sit back and draw down freebies so that they all feel entitled that that misconception leads directly to being bigoted against all those people paying the bill.

When a black kid who is huge pushes around a proprietor stealing his merchandise and then punches out a copy and tries to take his weapon and gets shot and killed for his trouble and no-one points out that he'd be find if he'd not been stealing and not attacked the cop, then there is something very wrong.

A few black people have stepped up to give that narrative but most seem to be convinced that they can do whatever nasty thing they want to white people and then shout "racism" when the response is less than friendly. Bill Whittle has pointed out the huge disparity in the violence statistics that clearly show that the racism problem resides primarily with the black community. The facts don't lie.

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