Monday, August 18, 2014

So What Happened In Ferguson? Here's The Police At Fault Side

I don't know what happened. I do know the kid that got killed was on footage showing him robbing a store shortly before the shooting. He was unarmed but he appears to have menaced the policeman. I personally think that the proper response to police is polite obedience whether you like what they are doing or not. Then you can complain. Getting shot and killed because you're an idiot is really kind of stupid.

Another witness corroborates the video above apparently. Autopsy results say six shots hit Brown, two to the head. HERE

The conservative point of view on Ferguson is presented by RED STATE HERE.

As usual with these kinds of things the story keeps getting more complex. The police officer's account is largely compatible with other accounts but shows Brown as largely on the offensive, initiating the altercation by going for the police officer's gun in the car altercation and then charging the police officer when he was pursued so that the officer thought he was on drugs or something. He was ordered to "freeze" and instead chose to taunt and rush at the officer who apparently had his gun out by then. The clothes the victim was wearing should be checked for power burns to determine the range at which the weapon was fired. Rushing an armed policeman who has a gun out and pointed at you like a madman is not a survival calculated move.

More weirdness ... the market that Brown is supposed to have robbed was likely a front for Islamic terrorist organizations, raising money at least for them according to ONE SOURCE.

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