Friday, October 3, 2014

Conservatives: Get Out And Vote And Stop Whining

Perfection is not to be found in this world and I keep hearing Conservative whining that the candidates they are offered are not perfect and that they won't vote if they don't agree with the candidate down the line.  Well that's pretty stupid if the opposition is even worse and gets a lot of support through voter fraud.  I frankly think I'd be a lot happier right now if Mitt Romney had won and I went out and voted for him despite the fact that I disagree with him on many issues.  But truth be told he was ten times the man that Barack Obama was.  He's earned his own living actually dealing with the real world and he's a fundamentally moral man.  Neither of those attributes describe Obama and in addition Obama had one of the worst records ever going into the 2012 election.  If you don't vote you don't count and have no right to complain when things go poorly.  This coming election is very important so get out and vote to retire Harry Reid.

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