Sunday, October 5, 2014

Will The Collapse Come Before Obama's Term Expires?

SEE HERE  There are a lot of people who think this POTIS POS has the destruction of the United States in mind or at least his handlers do.  Well they are hopefully running out of time, but the game appears to be on target.  As a minimum that means be watchful and prepared.  There is little enough that an individual can do in anticipation of a major collapse in government.  The disruption could be extreme.  I don't know exactly how seriously to take it frankly.  The nutniks that create "sky is falling" spin with all sorts of back stories whether from the left or right are not all that credible.  That being said I've never seen so many signs that could plausibly be interpreted as "They're right!"  That gets my back up and has me wondering what the best strategy for handling things if they go sour.

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