Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Koch Brothers In Perspective

SEE HERE  You gotta wonder how the liberals can call anyone "haters" when the vast majority of the hate come steaming out of their lies that go ricocheting around taking out random targets and based on nothing but animosity, you know, HATE.  Liberals are the worst haters of all.  The Koch brother thing would be hilarious if they were not so serious.  It's a put up job to distract us from the real scandals which tend to cluster on the left with corruption, pay offs, voter fraud, and all kinds of abuses of power.   But they just love to hate, especially those evil Tea Party people and the Koch brothers.  Well my answer is "Get a life you delusional idiots."  The immorality and evil on the left is huge and unrelenting.  Oddly enough they are so delusional with their fabricated hates that they don't notice that they are projecting.  The real haters are them.

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