Monday, October 6, 2014

Establishment Republicans Seem To Have A Death Wish

SEE HERE The Republican party is composed of a rather weak coalition of different groups that are generally much more conservative than their leadership.  The deep pockets in the part are just moneyed manipulators for the most part who don't really have any principles so look a lot like their Democrat opposition.  A few like the Koch brothers seem more principled frankly which is why I think the DemonRATS are always trying to attack them. 

The establishment types seem to think that by attacking their base that they'll somehow create success when in fact the opposite is true.  There are far more conservatives in the Republican party than establishment types and they are the rank and file grassroots who do a whole lot of the work.  They may not generate the revenue, but they are the vast majority of the loyal voters in the party and when you anger them enough they don't work and they don't vote.  That is stupid of course since it's the reason we have Obama for a second term at least in part instead of a sort of lukewarm Romney who nevertheless would have been a vast improvement over Obama. 

Now they seem to be trying to minimize their chances of throwing out Harry Reid.  It's little wonder that Joseph Sobran called the Republicans the stupid party.  The only real advantage they have is that the Democrats are the evil party, fundamentally evil and a lot of people get that.

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