Friday, October 3, 2014

The President Is A Liar. Certainly Everyone Knows This By Now

The list of this president's lies just goes on forever.  He obviously doesn't care about telling the truth, just about making an impression at the moment.  Oddly enough he is rarely called on it and when he is it seems to everyone like a big "Ho-Hum!"   I remember when the American people cared about their president telling the truth.  Eisenhower was simply crucified over the Gary Powers lie back around 1960 and they were always claiming that Richard Nixon lied (although frankly he's a piker by comparison with Obama).  The fact that the left doesn't care about truth is shown by the fact that they never recant.  Joe McCarthy has been shown to have been correct in the lion's share of his charges and the media continues to demonize him as if that little piece of information had never turned up.  We have a whole political wing that is dedicated to lying and almost never tells the truth.

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