Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Truth! It's What Makes The World Work

Wild Bill offers some comments about truth in this short video.  I just finished reading a short spiritual book titled, "The Love of Eternal Wisdom" by St. Louis De Montfort.  Montfort identifies Eternal Wisdom with God and Jesus Christ.  Christ Himself said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life."  I thought of that when listening to Wild Bill's message.

To me the key to reality is truth.  The reason I say that is that truth is just a word that means that what you are saying corresponds to reality.  So reality as it is and truth are the same thing.  The idea on the left is that you can create truth.  "That's your truth" is a saying you hear nowadays.  But that's not really how the world works.  You can't have two contradictory truths both of which are true because whichever is true cancels out the other.  You can be in the position of having statements that contradict each other both of which are false.  That's enough to confuse liberals since they believe so many things that are false.

For me the only real question when something comes up is: "What is the truth of the matter?"  When someone takes a position, the universal question is: "How do you know that?"  If they bristle and posture and protest you know they don't know that at all.  They are just spewing propaganda.

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