Monday, May 6, 2013

A Legion of Liars: Is that What You Call Them?

SEE HERE  I've always like these words that are used for groups of animals like a gaggle of geese.  MORE but I think a "legion of liars" about captures the reality of this administration.  "Legion" fits since that is the name the demons gave themselves and Lucifer is the Father of lies and hence liars.  The Benghazi attack was known to be terrorism from the initial instant.  But it didn't fit the administration's agenda so they squirmed and lied, promoted lies, suborned to lies, and generally postured while four men were murdered and they ordered forces that could have gone to their rescue to "stand down."  Well perhaps it is time to tell this administration to "stand down."  They have been destroying the country for more than four years and are continuing their rampage which will take the dollar down and leave in place a catastrophic health care bill which is expensive and damaging not to mention all the pseudo-green waste promoted in the name of the environment that doesn't do anything but reward their cronies and dump your money in rat holes.   It's time to at least make it very very evident what is going on.  This Legion of Liars needs to be stopped.  "Stand down" or what will continue is Tyranny Rising!

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