Thursday, August 15, 2013

Did We Mention Hypocrisy?

SEE HERE  There is something totally mindless about the discourse that makes the media these days.  The imbalance between the acts of the left and the acts of the right is overwhelming with the left always being far the most intemperant and hateful.  Why is that?  Obviously a double standard which always calls to mind Sarah Palin's quip, "If it weren't for double standards liberals would have no standards at all."  This kind of mental blindness is hard to understand until you realize that it isn't blindness at all.  They really don't have standards.  Their posturing isn't about standards at all, it's about sliming people with whatever mud is at hand.  Don't take what liberals say literally.  It is always biased.  It is always hateful.  It is generally inconsistent.   What's more, they don't care.  It's all about effect.  They'll say one thing today and the opposite tomorrow if the effect is what they want.

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