Monday, August 26, 2013

The Dishonesty Of The Media And The Failure Of Civilization

SEE HERE  How does it happen that three kids think it's a lark to kill someone.  From reports it sounds like they were going to kill someone no matter what to satisfy their boredom.  If this is the kind of morality that our kids are acquiring growing up then we're done.  We just haven't figured it out yet.  The media stripping the race dimension from the story but insisting in the self-defense case of George Zimmerman that it was racist when he was attacked is evidence for the selective immorality of the press seeking to promote an agenda and not the truth.  The truth is that black teenager gangs are going around seeking out victims to pummel and that these victims often end up in the hospital or dead and the media seems to write it off as "boys will be boys."  What has happened to our society that we can't even stand up for basic morality? 

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