Friday, August 16, 2013

Some Examples Of Why The Left Is Scum

SEE HERE  There was a time when I might have been willing to vote for a Democrat.  I couldn't vote though because I was too young.  By the time that John Kennedy was assassinated the last person that looked even plausible as a candidate was out of the picture.  Then I watched the hateful behavior of the left during the Vietnam War.  They supported the Communists wholeheartedly.  They started the war.  They escalated the war.  Then they tried to blame Nixon for it because he "had a plan" to end it honorably.  Nixon succeeded in negotiating a peace and ending the war, but that was only temporary because the Communists didn't honor the treaty but invaded South Vietnam and then the left showed their true colors and passed the Church amendment which abandoned an ally in the field.  That was a disgraceful, despicable, action.  It was betrayal of everything the United States stands for.  I knew then and know now that I will never, ever vote for a Democrat.  Never, never, never.  They are dishonorable and unprincipled and they would sell you out as soon as look at you.  Are Republicans any better?  Unfortunately not enough better.  We need a whole new breed of principled people in government.  Failing that we're probably doomed.

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