Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Case You Wondered How We Got Here ...

SEE HERE  It's been a long arduous journey, this on-going progressive effort to destroy what the Founder's built.  The end is now in sight and the destruction close to final.  The possibility of restoration once the collapse comes will be small and the world may well go into a kind of darkness like that which descended when Rome fell.  We already see the moral decay but the economic decay has been somewhat slower and the religious decay while progressing has not been uniform.  But when the tipping point is reached then things will become much more catastrophic.  You might well think about how you will survive the transformation.

"At the same time, the old system was to be opened up and made more democratic; hence, the direct elections of Senators, the open primary, the initiative and referendum. It also had to be made to provide for more revenue; hence, the Sixteenth Amendment and the progressive income tax."

One small step at a time moving us away from the Founder's vision.  If you want to be informed this is a good essay to read.

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