Saturday, August 17, 2013

Indoctrination 101: Propaganda In The Schools

SEE HERE  If you lie often enough, loud enough, persistently enough people will begin to believe the lies.  If the lies are told in a trusted atmosphere by the schools then all the better.  We live in an age where propaganda and disinformation has replaced sound teaching and the schools are little better than slave camps for the soon to be enslaved.  The children are regimented and conditioned but they are not seriously taught to think for themselves.  They are told what to think but not taught how to think.  The result is rank on rank of little automatons who have been told how brilliant they are compared to their predecessors but cannot write cursive, cannot multiply or divide without a calculator, cannot reason, and know nothing of rational argument.  The pour into the colleges where the indoctrination tends to continue until they are all conditioned to believe that collectivism and the state are the great creators of wealth and goodness.  As the twilight of our republic descends we ought to ask how we have come to this place?  It is because we have allowed others to be the instructors of our children without asking first what they should be instructed in.  Virtue and honor and responsibility ought to come before all else.  We have failed in our responsibility and it is time to try to recover what we have lost.

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