Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just Another Liberal Propaganda Ploy

SEE HERE Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are two of my favorite people just because they have so much common sense and common sense is such a rare commodity these days since it is indoctrinated out of the young as they are brainwashed to be just another set of victims of evil society which they are called upon to reform by making it actively evil.

 Equal opportunity is a sham idea fostered by the liberal progressive collectivists to make everyone out to be a victim of those awful people who actually use their minds to make judgments. Judgments involve things like discovering who is better at what. When you have a whole bunch of folks applying for a position that requires good communication skills you don't hire the person who shows up and can't read, write, or speak without showing their ignorance.

The world is not an equal opportunity place. The world is a place that rewards talent, skill, diligence, commitment, and resourcefulness. It would be nice if our schools would start recognizing the fact and encouraging those things instead of making everyone out to be a victim.

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